Which laminator do you recommend?

We suggest you use a laminator that controls: (1) temperature, (2) speed and (3) provides a 3mm opening in the jaw.

SKY laminating machines have proven to be some of the strongest and most reliable laminators we have tested. The SKY 5822 Laminating Machine is the most appropriate in their product line. (Available at Amazon.com and other online resellers.)

Also, you can get more information about lamination processes by seeing our video at right.

Can I laminate the sheets with a hand roller with a hot plate?

No, the sheet cannot be placed on the warm hot plate as it will stick to the substrate and trap air between the SUEX and substrate. Air is trapped in this manner.

The sheet cannot contact the substrate until just before entering into the rollers.

You can see the video at right and read our data sheets to learn more.

What is the shelf life of SUEX?

The shelf life of SUEX is one year from the date of shipment but generally – given your process and environmental conditions – you can continue to use it for a longer time span.

How do I store SUEX and ADEX sheets?

We recommend storing SUEX and ADEX sheets in an air conditioned room, in the original packaging, away from light at 68˚ to 75˚ F, 18˚ to 25˚ C.

How do I cut SUEX and ADEX sheets?

We recommend you do not cut SUEX and ADEX sheets. We can send you sheets pre-cut to your specifications.

If you have to cut the sheets, we recommend that the sheets and cutting tool be heated to 40˚ to 50˚ C. See our cutting instructions for more details.

How do I eliminate “wafer bow”?

SUEX and ADEX films will bow after cure but adjusting the process conditions can minimize this. You can get more information about eliminating “wafer bow” in our Guidelines.

What aspect ratio can I obtain?

The aspect ratio increases with the thickness of the film, typically, 5:1 for 10µm files to over 20:1 for 200µm files and above.

Are SUEX and ADEX films “optically clear”?

SUEX and ADEX films are transparent but are yellow to yellow-brown after processing. The higher the process temperature, the greater the color.

How do I improve adhesion?

Adhesion is dependent on the substrate and the film thickness. We can provide recommendations to improve adhesion for various substrates.

You can see the video at right and read our SUEX and ADEX data sheets to learn more.