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DJ MicroLaminates researches, develops and markets innovative dry film resist materials for a variety of MEMS, plating molds, multilayer microfluidics structures, medical devices, wafer level packaging processes, and displays.

We are an acknowledged leader in the thick dry film resist materials market. This leadership stems from our emphasis on advanced and rapid R&D, new products development, support for customization in products and processes, and a highly interactive approach with our customers.

This company is based in Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA – a town with a rich colonial history that is located in Boston’s MetroWest. Our headquarters location includes a research lab, manufacturing facilities and corporate office.

The company’s founder and CEO has built two successful advanced materials companies, leading their research, engineering, and management teams. He’s an innovator with more than three decades of experience in developing photosensitive polymeric materials.

DJ MicroLaminates is proud to partner a global network of representatives or distributors who support the sales of our thick dry film sheets and rolls.

In sum, DJ MicroLaminates offers a unique and distinguished combination of innovation, experience, leadership and advanced technology products. Drop us an email or call to learn more.