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DJ MicroLaminates’ SUEX line of epoxy photoresist is available in a thickness range of 20µm to more than 500µm and contains a cationically cured, modified epoxy formulation utilizing an antimony-free photo acid generator (PAG). The company has a highly controlled, solvent-less process that provides uniform resist coatings between two throwaway layers of protective polyester (PET) film.

Patterning is possible with UV and X-ray lithography or a combination of the two, or lithography and hot embossing. This enables the fabrication of multi-level, complex designs as well as high aspect ratio MEMS components.

DJ MicroLaminates is focused on optimizing processes for a wide variety of applications – including MEMS, plating molds for metal microparts, polymer MEMS, multilayer microfluidics structures, BioMEMS, medical devices, wafer level packaging, passive devices and displays.

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SUEX® is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office