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DJ SUEX™ and ADEX™ epoxy Thick Dry Film Sheets (TDFS) and rolls are essential for a whole range of products that are critical to industrial,
biotech, and lifestyle and data-rich application areas, including:

Plated gear after removal of SUEX
Separation filter with 10μm holes
500μm pillars on separation filter
200μm MEMS honeycomb structure

Thick dry film sheets or rolls have the following qualities and characteristics:

  • Excellent thickness uniformity
  • Varying thicknesses ranging
  • No edge bead
  • Low coat cost/lab equipment
  • No solvent/chemical gradient throughout film
  • No mess, no cleanups, no drying and it’s f-a-s-t
  • High transparency at exposing wavelength
  • Patterning is possible with both UV and X-ray lithography as well as a combination of lithography and hot embossing
  • Process enables the fabrication of multi-level, complex designs as well as high aspect ratio MEMS components
  • Uses a green manufacturing process