Company & Leadership

DJ MicroLaminates was founded in 2009 as DJ DevCorp by Don Johnson to develop and market thick dry film laminate materials. The company makes epoxy photoresist sheets that are pre-cut to wafer or substrate dimensions and rolls and are offered in a thickness range of 5 microns to 1mm. The sheets are quickly laminated to substrate surfaces and are ready to use in minutes. Today DJ MicroLaminates (new name and brand) is meeting the needs of advanced MEMS, microfuidics, biotechnology, electronics and passive devices, and wafer level packaging.

Don Johnson

Founded and built two successful advanced materials companies, leading their research, engineering, and management teams. Innovator with more than three decades of experience in developing photosensitive polymeric material applications for a range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, government (DoD), industrial/commercial, Internet of Things (IOT), medical devices and telecommunications. Highly specialized expertise in advanced packaging applications including MEMS, wafer level packaging, and high aspect ratio (HAR) structures. A world-renowned expert, frequently published author, and sought-after speaker in this field. Combines scientific and technical leadership, business acumen, and entrepreneurial drive. 

  • DJ MicroLaminates, Inc. – Founder, President & CTO
  • Founder and former CEO & CTO of MicroChem Corporation
  • Prior work at GE Corporate Research, Philip A. Hunt (Fuji-Hunt), Shipley Company (Dow Chemical), MacDermid (MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions)
  • PhD, Wisconsin, Madison; MBA, Northeastern; BS, Chemistry – University of California at Berkeley