DJ MicroLaminates currently has two products: the SUEX® line of epoxy photoresist thick dry film sheets and rolls and the ADEX™ product line.

Can be used to form multi-layer structures – especially important in microfluidics applications.

The following will provide more details about our products:


DJ MicroLaminates’ SUEX™ line of epoxy photoresist – Thick Dry Film Sheets (TDFS) – is available in a thickness range of 100μm to more than 500μm and contains a cationically cured, modified epoxy formulation utilizing an antimony-free photo acid generator (PAG). The company has a highly controlled, solvent-less process that provides uniform resist coatings between two throwaway layers of protective polyester (PET) film.

Patterning is possible with UV and X-ray lithography or a combination of the two, or lithography and hot embossing. This enables the fabrication of multi-level, complex designs as well as high aspect ratio MEMS components.

DJ MicroLaminates is focused on optimizing processes for a wide variety of applications – including MEMS, plating molds for metal microparts, polymer MEMS, multilayer microfluidics structures, BioMEMS, medical devices, wafer level packaging, passive devices and displays.


DJ MicroLaminates also supplies ADEX™ Thin Dry Film Sheets (TDFS) and rolls which have similar characteristics and features to SUEX. We provide a thickness range of 5μm to 75μm.

ADEX™ is a high performance, chemically amplified I-line negative dry film offering with exceptional resolution and performance. It exhibits excellent thermal and chemical resistance in aggressive environments.


DJ MicroLaminates is continuing the development of the TDFS coating technology – working in conjunction with customers’ coating firms and other suppliers.

We understand that each customer has a different, unique set of needs. What does your business need? What are your application needs?

The three characteristics of pre-cut SUEX™ and ADEX™ sheets and rolls for applications are in summary:

1. Range of Thickness: 5μm to 500μm+
2. Range of Sizes: 48mm to 600mm
3. Variety of Shapes: Round, square, rectangular