SUEX Product Change Notification

From: DJML Customer Care Group
To: All SUEX™ Customers & Prospects

This Notification is to inform you that DJML has discontinued production of SUEX D TDFS sheets and rolls because the photo acid generator (PAG) in this product has been discontinued. We have replaced the SUEX D product line with the new SUEX K product line.

SUEX K has two things you should know: (1) the resin composition is the same as SUEX D, and (2) it contains a new PAG that is very similar in performance to the discontinued PAG, but it is slightly different in minor ways.

DJML has tested SUEX K at various thicknesses and obtained positive results leading us to switch to supplying SUEX K products.

Recommendation: If you currently have a SUEX D sample under evaluation, we recommend that you contact us immediately via the Place an Order form on the website. Please add to the order form “For Sample Purposes” in the Special Instructions section.

If you have any questions, please contact DJML at: +1 978-261-3188 or